When the Old Gods died their angels did not die with them. As the Sundering ripped through the Kingdom of Heaven the servants of The Pantheon fell from the sky, clipped of their wings, holiness, and purpose. Awakening from their divine craters in Mazer the Nephilim fell into despair. To be stripped of one’s wings and cast of of heaven was the ultimate dishonor, reserved for the traitorous devils of the Nine Hells. Worse still the Gods would not answer their pleas for forgiveness. Soon enough the Nephilim realized the extent of their severance and wept, for their masters had not cast them out but had saved them from destruction by ensconcing their souls in mortal bodies.


Today the Nephilim serve The Pantheon still though not in the way they once did. They live their mortal lives in accordance with the aspect of the God they were once bound to, and devote themselves to be their deity incarnate. Nephilim believe that though the Gods are gone that they in fact live on in the actions of their eternal servants.

Contrary to the majority of their race some Nephilim known as Usurpers pledge themselves to the service of the former Exarchs known as The Immortals. Whether through a belief in the scripture of these possible new gods, hatred for the deities who abandoned them, loyalty to The Pantheon’s chosen lieutenants, or simply the nostalgia of divine service these Nephilim are reviled by those who seek to keep the faith of The Pantheon.


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